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Water Is Life

Verticle Water Drop.jpgAll living things depend on water to support life functions. Human and animal food supplies are dependent upon fresh water which also plays a major role in cultural and recreational activities around the world today.


Growth in global population, the development of the world's civilizations and demands for more water in more places for more purposes than ever before continues and as a result the world now faces tremendous challenges in managing its water. Water quality continues to deteriorate rapidly due to urbanization, agricultural practices, industrialization, over population, and aging infrastructure. Steps are being made, and progress toward greater awareness about the importance of water conservation and efficiency are beginning to unfold.  Globally, approximately 1.1 billion people do not have access to safe drinking water and 2.4 billion people do not have access to adequate sanitation.

So how can any of us ignore the importance of water in our daily lives.  Without it we cannot survive, yet we seldom consider how we use it, when we use it, and why we use it as many of us might think that we can never run out.  Maybe it's time for us to begin to increase our understanding of how we use water, and the importance of conservation and efficiency.  If we don't choose to make a change today we will be forced to make a change in the future.