FSI Polyethylene Rainwater Tanks


FSI-2300 2300G/8705L Underground Rainwater Harvesting Tank

The FSI-2300 is a 2300G high density polyethylene (HDPE) rainwater storage tank specifically designed for underground applications.


The FSI series of Rainwater Storage Tanks were designed to exceed your expectations of quality, functionality, and value.  One of the strongest tanks HDPE tanks available the FSI series tanks were created to meet both residential and commercial rainwater application requirements.  Whether you need a single tank to reduce your water usage at home, or whether your looking for a multi-tank solution for large commercial irrigation/supply applications, the FSI series tanks are the solution you’ve been looking for.  Available in natural (white) or purple, the recognized industry standard color for non-potable water, FSI series tanks are the answer to your rainwater harvesting needs.


  • Residential Rainwater Harvesting Applications
  • Commercial Rainwater Harvesting Applications
  • Irrigation System Rainwater Storage (multiple tanks can be connected for high capacity applications)


Capacity: 2300 US Gallons / 8705 Litres

Tank Dimensions:

Height 92” (230cm)  FSI 2300 End View2FSI 2300 Side View
Width 90” (225cm) 
108” (270cm) 
Wall Thickness 3/8” (9.5mm)

Access/Man-Way Dimensions:

Outer Diameter: 36” (90cm)
Inner Diameter: 26” (65cm)
Height: 12” (30cm)
Wall Thickness: 3/8“ (9.5mm)

Connection Options:

Vents: 4” (10cm) or 6” (15cm)
Intake: 4” (10cm) or 6” (15cm)
Overflow: 4” (10cm) or 6” (15cm)
Interconnect: 8” (20cm)

Material: High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Food Grade Material NSF 61 Certified

Colors: Natural or Effluent Purple

Part Numbers:

FSG-2300-U-N (Natural)
FSG-2300-U-P (Effluent Purple)


  • Access Lid (Available in Green or Effluent Purple)
  • Access Risers (available in 12” sections)
  • Calming Inlet
  • Internal/External Tank Filters
  • Level Sensors and Gauges



Specifications subject to change without notice.  Please Contact Us for pricing and project specific information.