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Bushman Rainwater Pump Kit


Bushman 3/4HP Constant Pressure Rainwater Harvesting Pump Kit.  Provides on-demand high pressure rainwater supply directly from your rainwater harvesting tank....

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Bushman Slimline Rainwater Tanks


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Bushman Slimline above ground rainwater storage tanks are designed for installation in locations where limited depth profile is required, such as against a wall or under the eaves of a home. Tanks are available in a range of sizes with capacities to match specific applications.

Features & Benefits

    • High quality rotational molded polyethylene construction assures maximum strength and long term durability
    • Tank walls are molded in one piece and horizontal ribs around the tank provide added wall strength
    • Complete Rainwater Harvesting Tank System packages are available (see Bushman Package Options)
    • Bushman BSLT-130 Rainwater Tank (132G/500L)

NEW - Bushman BSLT-265 Rainwater Tank (265G/1000L)
Bushman BSLT-305 Rainwater Tank (305G/1150L)
NEW - Bushman BSLT-530 Rainwater Tank (530G/2000L)
DISCONTINUED Bushman BSLT-620 Rainwater Tank (620G/2350L)