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Bushman BPK0001 Rainwater Pump Kit

The BPK0001 Rainwater Pump Kit from Bushman provides you with all the convenience of using your home's pressurized water supply but it does it using natural rainwater.  The Bushman Rainwater Pump Kit includes a 3/4hp constant pressure pump with pre-filter in a color matched housing for outdoor use.  The constant pressure design means that the pump only runs when there is demand for water.  If your irrigation system if off, or your hose nozzle is closed, the pump is off.  When your sprinkler system turns on, or your open your hose nozzle to start watering your plants the Rainwater Pump senses the need for water (via pressure) and turns on to supply water.  The 3/4 hp pump provides exceptional flow and pressure for all your irrigation needs while making your irrigation task simple.


  • Manufactured with non-corrosive rust proof materials
  • Double insulated impeller prevents water contact with shaft
  • Capacitor start, TEFC motor provides high efficiency operation
  • Motor has double ball bearings and stainless steel shaft
  • Equipped with power cord and plug
  • Double overload protection:
    • Built-in thermal protector (automatic)
    • Amperometric overload protector (with reset)



  • High quality rotational molded polyethylene construction assures maximum strength and long term durability
  • Tank walls are molded in one piece and horizontal ribs around the tank provide added wall strength
  • Includes all hook-ups required for connection to your Bushman Rainwater Tank (i.e. bushman connection kit)
  • Available in forest green, mocha brown or brick red so you can color match with your home and Bushman Rainwater Tanks


Note: Actual pump not exactly as shown


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Part #: BPK0001