Bushman BRTT-205 Rainwater Tank

Round Tall Tank BRTT-205

(205 G/775 L) Rainwater Tank

The BRTT205 Round tank from Bushman is designed for above ground rainwater harvesting applications against a wall, on the ground or on a stand at virtually any desired location on your property. This tank has a 205 U.S. gallon (775 liters) capacity and is available in several popular colors with UV stabilization to avoid color fading. The BRTT205 can be ordered as a basic tank or with additional package accessories.

Features & Benefits

  • Water capacity of four 50 gallon rain barrels
  • High quality rotational-molded polyethylene construction assures maximum strength
  • One-piece construction and horizontal ribs around the tank provide added wall strength
  • Inlet strainer with mosquito screen and cover
  • Overflow assembly provided with mosquito screen and 90 degree elbow
  • Tank openings are pre-installed for easy installation.
  • Complete Rainwater Harvesting Tank System packages are available (see Bushman Package Options)
  • Bushman 5 Year Warranty

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