ecoENERGY Retrofit Program Stops Abruptly
Written by Geoff Jones   
Thursday, 01 April 2010 14:43

Out of the blue, with no forewarning, the ecoENERGY Retrofit program announced that it is no longer accepting pre-retrofit applications as of March 31, 2010.   Where did that come from?

So what does this mean?

If you have already booked or had your pre-retrofit audit you can still qualify for grants providing you make the updates to your home and have your follow-up audit by March 31, 2011.  However, for anyone who was planning to have a pre-retrofit audit it seems the federal government has closed the door on you as of yesterday.  Thanks for the heads up!

With this surprise announcement it seems many Energy Efficiency Auditor's and businesses that are built around the implementation of the ecoENERGY program have been left wondering what will happen to their jobs.  There also seems to be some uncertainty surrounding how the provincial programs, which haven't made any announcement regarding their grants, will continue to operate as a result of the federal program changes.

Whether Canadians continue to have home energy audits or if the abrupt changes to the program result in a significant reduction in audits there is one question that we are all asking;  why the sudden, no warning, approach to shutting this program down?

Hopefully over the next few weeks we will find out more about what happened and whether the federal government just realized one day that they might go over budget if they don't stop new applications right away.  I don't know for sure what happened but usually when someone stops something with no warning it's because something wasn't being handled properly and someone pulled the emergency brake.  Either way I hope that this is the birth of an even better way forward for Canadians and for the businesses and auditors that provided the service to help us all improve the efficiency of our homes.

For more information you can visit or go direcdtly to the FAQ for the ecoENERGY program changes


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