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ECOShift-Logo-1-White-340x73.jpgECOShift is an environmental Education, Consulting, and Products company that focuses on providing solutions for homeowners, small business and large corporations.  With all of the various products and technologies on the market today it is difficult to keep up on what these new products do and what benefit these products will provide in various applications.  ECOShift works very closely with you to help identify which technologies and products will best meet your needs.  We offer focused education and consulting services to help you achieve your personal and/or business based conservation goals and objectives.  ECOShift also represents certain products that we believe are making a difference today and will continue to make a difference in the future.  However, as an education and consulting company first, we know that it is not practical to directly represent all products or solutions ourselves.  At ECOShift we believe strongly in trying to find the right solution(s) to meet your needs.  As a result, ECOShift is constantly establishing relationships with like-minded individuals and companies that offer product(s) and system(s) that enable us to help our clients find the right solution, not just one that we represent directly.

We are happy to say that we are seeing a change and that there is a growing awareness and understanding of the need for a more conscious recognition of how the decision we make today affect the environment in which we live.  It is our hope that we will all continue to grow in our understanding of the balance between society and nature so that we, our children, and grandchildren can enjoy the beauty of this wonderful planet we call home.