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Rainwater Harvesting Solutions

Rainwater storage systems provide a diversified means of storing supplemental water supplies and using water where it falls.

Harvesting rainwater offers numerous benefits:

  • Rainwater can be stored and used for irrigation, gray water management, and water features.
  • Collection and retention of storm water diverts water from treatment facilities, resulting in cleaner lakes, rivers oceans and other receivers of wastewater.
  • Saves homeowners money by reducing water bills and demand on municipal water supply.
  • Contributes to overall conservation of our precious natural resources.

Be a part of the conservation solution.

ECOShift offers many above ground rainwater harvesting tanks available in sizes ranging from 130 US gal (491L) to 1110 US gal (4196 L.) and different shapes to accommodate your specific application needs.  Whether you are looking for large storage capacity from a tall round tank, low profile round tanks, or the slimline products to blend in with the side of your dwelling, ECOShift has a solution to fit your needs.


Slimline Tanks (BSLT-XXX)

BSLT-305-House.jpgSlimline tanks offer the ultimate in environmental conservation and asthetics.  With their unique slim design a slimline tank can be located in narrow spaces, between houses, and with color coding can blend in beautifully with the design of your home.

For more information on the slimline tanks click on the links below:

Bushman Slimline Tanks

Slimline Package Options

Bushman BSLT-130 Rainwater Tank

Bushman BSLT-265 Rainwater Tank

Bushman BSLT-305 Rainwater Tank

Bushman BSLT-530 Rainwater Tank


Round Tall Tanks (BRTT-XXXX)

BRTT-1320-House.jpgTall Round tanks offer large capacity to handle applications that require storage of large quanties of rainwater or for situations where the footprint of a round tank is desired.

For more information on the Round Tall Tanks click on the links below:

Bushman Round Tanks

Bushman BRTT-205 Rainwater Tank

Bushman BRTT-865 Rainwater Tank

Bushman BRTT-2825 Rainwater Tank



Low Profile Tanks (BLPT-XXXX)

BLPT-2690-House.jpgLow-profile round tanks offer great storage capacities in a package that is short, discrete, and can hide behind a standard 6' fence.

For more information on the Low Profile Tanks click on the links below:

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Bushman BLPT-660 Rainwater Tank

Bushman BLPT-1110 Rainwater Tank

Bushman BLPT-1320 Rainwater Tank